Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yoga is not a sport.

In America, Yoga has turned into something entirely different than the original I believe. Yoga is not something that keeps you fit. It may tone some mussels, but it's not going to help you lose those 10 pounds you're trying to lose. I like yoga, believe me. But yoga is not a sport or really exercise. It's something spiritual and relaxing. When I do yoga, it's just me trying to free my mind and trying to relax.

Yoga has turned into something else, as you can see...

So, I believe that yoga should be something that you do do calm yourself, and be more of a spiritual thing. Not a so-called sport.


  1. I like yoga, but I'm so horrible at keeping it up. I should at least try meditation because I keep having panic attacks =S. I think the direction has gone is more for money value as it is now more appealing, sometimes I just hate the way money ruins things.


  2. Exactly. Like Holidays have turned into such a commercial thing. I mean, it used to be about religious values. But now, people just care about getting presents under the tree. It's such b.s.

  3. I love yoga, not because it tones me or helps me to lose weight, but because it's so pure and refreshing. When I do yoga relaxation I feel like I'm melting into the floor and everything else just disappears. It's the closest to nonexistance that I'll ever get.
    And I adore that song you posted, Audrey, you're so talented.

  4. It feels weird to treat yoga as a sport. How? I do it because my muscles love me for it.


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