Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 Reasons Why California Sucks.

1. It's too hot here-No snow means no white christmas.

2. There's too many people at the beach-In Maine, beaches aren't crowded because only some people like to swim in the cold.

3. Not enough green-In Maine, there are natural grass and trees. Here, there are only man-made pom trees.

4. Too many people-Eberyone loves California. So they move there. Too many people for my liking.

5. People are too damn skinny here-Everyone's gorgeous and it makes me feel like I'm worse then a donkey.

6. Earthquakes-I could die from an earthquake any day now.

7. Too much traffic-I'm wasting so much time just trying to get there I'm spending more time in my car then at the destination.

8. Arnold Schwartznegger is the governor-Hes going to be in a movie this year with his shirt off in some scenes about bad asses. Do I have to say more?

9. There's only one season-When do I have time to wear my cute winter coat?

10. Lastly, California sucks-because I say so.

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  1. I'm sorry, hon. I'm sure you'll love it once school starts! If it makes you feel any better, it sucks here too, because you're not here. Fuck. (Get a skype soon! Oh, and who's sending the first care package?)


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